برند EAR Yoshino انتخاب من برای DAC و Amplifier هدفون

برند EAR Yoshino انتخاب من برای DAC و Amplifier هدفون

چهار شنبه 6 آوریل 2016
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Many times I thought that if I had the master tape running at 15ips on an Ampex 351-2 in the other room, the reproduction would not sound any different than the E.A.R. DAC4. The sense of intense reality in the room and even down the hall is amazing and thrilling. I cannot stand dryness and crispness in the leading edge of the music, and there is absolutely none. There is just pure, lovely music.

با هدفون سنهایزر 800 میرم سراغ EAR Yoshino که آرمن نمایندگیشو داره.

این مدل ها انتخاب منه :

EAR Yoshino DAC 4 Tube PCM/DSD Digital to Analog Converter

EAR Yoshino HP4 Tube Headphone Amplifier

PurePower 3000 AC Regenerator

Purist Audio Design IC and Headphone Cable

همه مدارات این دو سیستم بر اساس لامپ (4 تا PCC88 6DJ8 برای DAC و 4 تا 6SL7 برای آمپ) هست و کوپل ترانس و فیلتر آنالوگ بدون opAmp. به غیر از DAC مالتی بیت Wolfson 8741 (2 تا 8741 بصورت مونو بعدش هم ترانس کوپل) بقیه اجزای انالوگ با طراحی Tim de Paravicini هست. ترانس های معروف دست ساز Tim و تجربه این آدم از این سیستم صدای مطلوبی خواهد داد . تونالیته صدا باید حسی و خوب باشه. این پازیتیو فیدبک که میگه DAC 4 میتونه بالای 80000 دلار سورس دیجیتال رو بای پس کنه. مطمئنم صدا عالی خواهد شد و برای این ست بهترین لامپ زیمنس (Siemens 1960) رو برای بک آپ میگیرم. ظاهرا طبق نوشته ها خیلی خیلی خوب با سنهایزر مچ میشه و تو bass هم سنهایزر با EAR خیلی مچ هست و با مد RCA جواب مناسبتری داره.

E.A.R. Acute 4/DAC 4 CD/SACD Player (US Premier Review)

The HP4 uses 6SL7 valves, properly matched to the load through de Paravicini’s renowned transformers, to deliver nearly 1W of high quality, low distortion power into high or low impedance headphones. The output circuit configuration uses de Paravicini’s ‘Enhanced Triode Mode’, as employed in the highly successful V20 and 859 integrated amplifiers, while the input is also transformer coupled, giving the flexibility to accept balanced or unbalanced signals from the preamplifier.

آقای Tim نوشته :

I looked at CD players and I decided to use the Wolfson chipset, because I considered that to be the most analog-sounding (for want of a better word) D/A converter in the business. What I had to do, instead of using any further op-amp technology, was to get the output of [the DAC] and amplify it in the valve domain, and use an output transformer with a line stage similar to what I use in my professional audio equipment, to have the ability to drive both professional audio lines and consumer domestic audio. And if people want a minimalist setup, with an analog volume control on the CD player (and an output up to 5V instead of the usual 2V), it can drive any power amplifier.

یه AC Generator 3000w هم گرفتیم برای این دو تا که هرکدوم 30 وات مصرف دارند. این DAC و Amp با بهتر شدن وضعیت برق تفاوت محسوسی ایجاد میکنند.


http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81SEwPSrTYS._SL1500_.jpg http://www.earyoshino.com/images/Products/Dac4/EARDAC4_hero.jpg http://www.sthifi.com/bbs/pic12_4/20121271446157420.JPG http://www.excelstereo.com/images/APS%20front.jpg http://www.puristaudiodesign.com/images/products/headphone/impresa_shota.jpg


Sure, you can spend $80k on the DCS stack. But folks, don’t compare them to the Acute III. You will soil your pants. The Ayre DX5 for $10K is not bad. The latest French $30K CD player is nice. The Burmester and MBL players are a touch dry and thin to my ears, and really heavy to lift or afford. The new Vitus player is mega bucks, with more transistors than you can count. Sounds like it to me, too. If all the Acute III did was play CDs like Herbert von Karajan would have loved, it would be a true beauty and a masterpiece. In the here and now, it’s the best and most musical player I’ve heard at any price. The Acute III is the pot of musical gold at the end of the digital rainbow!

The E.A.R. Acute III enters the big time, challenging player/DAC combos costing upwards of $80K with hugely realistic, intensely musical, digital reproduction. With more sophisticated sonics than I thought possible from CD reproduction, you’ll enjoy high sampling rates up to 24/192 flawlessly produced. With an Alesis, MacBook, or server, get ready for the gorgeous sound of live performances. Vocal reproduction is unsurpassed. Bass power and focus is fantastic. The E.A.R. Acute III is most surely state of the art, and will be the player/DAC that all will be compared to—and, I suggest, will fall woefully short of, regardless of price.

You want the very, very best? The E.A.R. Acute III CD player is it! Robert H.Levi

I will admit that the tip top $100,000 dCS stack has left me musically unsatisfied when I should be wowed at that stratospheric cost. Other ultra-expensive assaults on the state-of-the-art seem to fall short. Not just short of LP sound, but short of top CD sound from one box solutions with a couple of tubes on board. Case in point, listen to the Modwright Sony, Modwright Oppo, and E.A.R. Acute 2 and 3 models. I have been left cold by the crappy umbilical cables usually provided by high-end companies for multiple boxes, too.


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    ميخواستم نظرتون رو در مورد آمپ توصيه شده خود سنهايزر يعني hdvd800 بپرسم احتمالا با اين آمپ واسه تست گذاشته بودن و شايد شما هم صداشو شنيده باشيد.من خودم آمپ schiit lyr2 دارم ولي در نظر دارم آمپ hdvd800 تهيه كنم.نظر شما رو ميخواستم بدونم و اينكه رنج قيمتي انتخاب هاي شما در چه حدود هست

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