DIY از نگاه رومی

DIY از نگاه رومی

سه‌شنبه 27 آوریل 2010
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جایگاه DIY یک جایگاه خاص هست و کسی که چیزی میسازه اطلاعاتی در مورد سر هم کردن تعدادی قطعه داره . البته فراموش نکنید سرهم کردن یک دستگاه با طراحی یک سیستم دو مقوله جداست. همه ما میتونیم از روی شماتیک یک مدار اونرو بسازیم اما طراحی یک مدار یک موضوع دیگه هست که ربطی به سر هم کردن مدار نداره  و کمتر طراحی مثل طراح Audio PAX و David Berning توپولوژی خاص خودش رو داره.

رومی خودش هم آمپلی فایر ساخته و هم بلندگو و کاملا به این موضوع مسلط هست و خیلی جالب در مورد پدیده DIY نوشته بخونید :

If it is possible to generalize which group of individuals in audio possess maximum amplitude of idiocy and at the same time archived the minimum audio result then unquestionably the leading position would be belong the audio industry marketing boys and the representatives of DIY Audio. Let leave the industry people along for now and look at the DIY Audio.

The DIY in audio has a very faulty semantic meaning. The fault derives from the actual phrase “Do It Yourself”. The term does not imply a level of RESULT but only the way of obtaining the result. Most of the audio people get frustrated with the absurd prices and low availability of so called high-end audio and the decided to make audio themselves. Thier frustrations are perfectly rational but let drop the entire concept of cost and price form this entire article, and here is why…. Certainly home made audio helps to avoid dealing with some thrift-manufactures who produce their junk-product and who in any other industry would end up probably in jail or certainly out of business. However, DIY will only save only money but it will NOT enable an audio user to get or to understand better Sound. If you give to each of the DIY enthusiast $1.000.000 and ask them to buy audio with no limitation or restriction then those DIYers will ended up with the system that would produce the IDENTICAL POOR RESULT as they have now. So, the cost benefit is not the subject under which the DIY should be viewed. Unquestionably DIY does save a tone of money but it does not have any single audio benefit; quite contrarily: DIY, as it understood by majority of audio people helps to breed the metastases of audio-idiocy.

DIY audio is very simple, however high-end audio at the level “how it might/should be” is very complex. It is very simple to assemble an amplifier or loudspeaker but it very difficult to understand, to make and to evolve into realization how that amplifier or loudspeaker should operate, how to USE them and what to do with all those built things after the fused do not blow anymore. A DIY movement, in the way in which it currently understood and publicized (and many wily audio industry scams take quite good advantage of this publicity) does not deal with a person but only with the process. As the result, an average DIYer learns how to solder, to buy, to assemble, or do a rudimentary design but his personal audio, musical or cultural progress is completely irrelevant to his actions. Consequentially 90% of DIYer have the general barbaric taste, cultural level of an average Taxes armadillo digger and the musical reference points so primitive that it frightens.