Golden Ratio 1.6180339887498948482045868343656 نسبت طلایی

Golden Ratio 1.6180339887498948482045868343656 نسبت طلایی

جمعه 23 مارس 2012
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عدد طلایی بحث جالبی داره و غیر از مساله تناسب در ساختمان سازی و طراحی و آهنگسازی و حتی نسبت فواصل دست و ساعد و بازو و .. بهترین نسبت طول و عرض اتاق هم برای آکوستیک همین نسبت طلایی 1.618 هست.

بنظر میرسه فاصله خانه ای که ابراهیم برای خدا ساخت از قطب شمال تقسیم بر فاصله این خانه تا قطب جنوب هم همین 1.618 هست.

نسبت کل زمان هایی که من مثل آدم رفتار میکنم هم تقسیم بر کل زمان هایی که … خل میشم هم همین 1.618 هست.


When conducting their research or setting out their products, artists, scientists and designers take the human body, the proportions of which are set out according to the golden ratio, as their measure.

The Golden Ratio in DNA

The DNA molecule in which all the physical features of living things are stored, has also been created in a form based on the golden ratio.
DNA consists of two intertwined perpendicular helixes.
The length of the curve in each of these helixes is 34 angstroms and the width 21 angstroms. (1 angstrom is one hundred millionth of a centimeter.)
21 and 34 are two consecutive Fibonacci numbers.


When you look around, you see that many plants and trees are covered in leaves. From a distance you might imagine that branches and leaves are arranged at random, haphazardly. The fact is, however, that the point where every branch will emerge, the sequences of the leaves on the branch, and even the symmetrical shapes in flowers, have all been set out with fixed laws and miraculous measures.

Plants have been abiding by these laws to the letter, since the moment they were first created. In other words, not a single leaf or flower emerges by chance.

The Golden Ratio in Snowflakes

The golden ratio also manifests itself in crystal structures. Most of these are in structures too minute to be seen with the naked eye. Yet you can see the golden ratio in snowflakes. The various long and short variations and protrusions that comprise the snowflake, all yield the golden ratio.

So, where is the Golden Ratio Point of the World?

The proportion of distance between Mecca and North Pole to the distance between Mecca and South Pole is exactly 1.618 which is the golden mean. Moreover, the proportion of the distance between South Pole and Mecca to the distance between both poles is again 1.618.The miracle has not been completed yet; The Golden Ratio Point of the World is in Mecca city according to map of latitude and longitude which is the common determinant of mankind for location.

The proportion of eastern distance to the western distance of Mecca’s solstice line is again 1.618. Moreover, as shown in the Figure, the proportion of the distance from Mecca to the solstice line from the west side and perimeter of world at that latitude is also surprisingly equal to the golden ratio, 1.618. The Golden Ratio Point of the World is always within the city borders of Mecca, within the Holy Region that includes Kaaba according to all mapping systems despite minor kilometrical variations in their estimations.

At home, you can precisely measure the distance between any two points of World by means of Google World’s ruler feature. If you wish, you can easily verify the correctness of the given ratios by calculating latitudes and longitudes or even by using a simple calculator. In drawings, you initially see how to locate start and finish points on Mecca city and North Pole. With respect to positive longitude and latitude values and by taking drift angle to the land, but not to the sea, the single Golden Ratio Point of the World is Mecca.

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