چه میکنه این آقا سید میهالیس

چه میکنه این آقا سید میهالیس

چهارشنبه 1 می 2013
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خبر اینکه شاید mihalis رو تو audiogon بشناسید ، این آدم در حد عجیب و غریبی کامپوننت گرون میخره و کارش همش عوض کردن و تست و خلاصه خیلی کامپوننت ها رو شنیده . بنظر من لول شنیداریش از سطح 0 بالاتره اما شنونده خیلی حرفه ای نیست. به هر حال این آدم بالاترین سری Goldmund و Krell , Gryphon  و Soulution و Dartzeel  و Lyra و Accuphase و Wavac لامپی و FM Acoustics و Burmester رو داشته و صدای break-in شده همشون رو کنار هم شنیده و تازه یک سری هم آورده شنیده و برگردونده مثل tenor و mbl و vtl و audio research و bat.

کابل مود علاقه اش هم جورما دیزاین هست.


لیست چیزایی که داره اینه :

Accuphase DP800 Transport
Accuphase DC801 DA converter
Wavac PRT1 Tube preamp
Krell Two Preamplifier
Vitus Audio SL101 Preamplifier
Gryphon Mirage Preamplifier
Lyra Connoisseur 4.2L Preamplifier
DartZeel Preamplifier Preamplifier
EMM Labs CDSA CD Player
Accuphase DG38 Equalizer
Kaleidescape Hard Disk Server CD Player
Vitus Audio SM 101 Amplifier
Goldmund Telos 2500 Amplifier
Krell One Amplifier
FM Acoustics Resolution 411 Amplifier
WAVAC HE 833 v 1.3 Tube amp
DartZeel Model B Amplifier
Nordost Valhalla Interconnect
Jorma Prime Interconnect
Isoclean Various AC filter
Finite Elemente Master Reference Stand
Gryphon Poseidon Speaker
Escalante Freemont Speaker
Velodyne DD 18 Subwoofer
Gryphon Mirage Preamplifier
Gryphon Colosseum Solo Amplifier
DCS Scarlatti Clock, Upsampler, DAC DA converter
My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent BC Cartridge
Goldmund PH3 Phono Preamplifier
Jorma Prime Interconnect
Nordost Odin Interconnect
Apple MacBook Pro 15 Transport
Burmester Audio 948 Amplifier

من قبلا بهش گفته بودم Vitus بهترین چیزیه که میتونه بشنوه قبول نکرده بود و اون زمان بهش گفتم برداشتی که از صدای ویتوس داره درست نیست. الان میگه:

Now I am using Vitus Masterpiece amps and preamps and phono

I have been using the Master Reference pre and phono for the last 10 days or so and can report on my initial impressions. The table is not yet run balanced into the phono but everything else is.

In general I can say that Fremmer got it right in his review of the phono. If you haven’t read it and are interested to learn about this equipment i think it is very accurate. I would however note that I feel that way more about the preamp. I still have some playing around to do with the phono before I can be equally sure.

So this is without doubt the best ss preamp I ve had in the system and probably the best preamp period. As I said earlier, read the Fremmer report on the phono as I agree w the comments. Some of mine:

Bass control: this is an area I can assess well because my speakers are self powered below 300hz so any other system changes don’t matter. This preamp’s control of the bass is just amazing. I am a big fan of tight controlled bass and I only like speakers with closed enclosures for the bass. Well this combination is phenomenal. I have not heard anything like it from any of the many preamps I ve had here. It is like the preamp is in complete control and this control is then empowering the amps to manage the speaker. Just top notch.

Low noise floor: its measurements are ok, not amazing, but again in my system this is the quietest I ve heard a component. It provides a very silent base from which music can emerge. Combined with the spectacular bass control, the music is based on a completely different low end information set which is very important in how we perceive the rest.

Imaging/depth: this is all great again but the thing that one notices as unique is that instruments and voices are delineated with a clarity that I have not heard before. It is not the holographic imaging Goldmunds often bring to the table. This is better because it is “softer” and more real sounding. The proper air and ambience is maintained but there is nothing else around the instruments. That allows them to be places accurately where the recording has them (irrespective of whether that method of recording engineering is true music or not) and the result is a truthfulness that I have not heard before.

No edge: I don’t know how to describe this. Vitus equipment has this characteristic in general but this Master version takes it to another level when combined with its spectacular resolution: any “edge” or harshness in recordings just goes away. I have only heard this from equipment that tends to reduce the information available. But here this is achieved paradoxically via great resolution. I do think this must be to some extent a sonic characteristic of the preamp but I can’t assert it is that because after a lot of listening I find the sound to be much more believable. If this was some coloration it would over time have become obvious.

I am not commenting on other things like resolution, dynamics etc. These are top notch as you should expect from this sort of crazy price and I have heard them also in other top end equipment.

So when you put it all together what do you get? I ll say this: I regularly have moments when, with my eyes closed, I feel that I am at the live venue. You would say that this is the case with a lot of equipment. But here is the difference: I feel that with large orchestra, opera and other very complex music which very very rarely can be recorded at that level. Here, I get this all the time, I feel like I am at the opera listening live. It is quite phenomenal after all these years of listening to have this impression heightened to this extent. And to add to this: I get all this also with plenty of CDs. I had almost given up on them, stopped listening to anything that was not high resolution or LP. But with this preamp I have gone back to 2000 CDs and I am listening to them for their music and performance. The recordings may not always be the best but via this preamp they become more than acceptable and the feeling of “being there” is achieved also under these recordings. That is spectacular and very important as it is opening up again the list of options in musical choices. (note all is played via hard disks-thunderbolt-amarra-macbook air set up)

A couple of things to note. First, all this is happening with the Gryphon Colosseum Solos as amps. Therefore the amps are capable of this resolution and performance when fed the right signal. My previous reference the Gryphon Mirage preamp is obviously not. It is a great preamp but it is not a Vitus Master. I have not yet combined w the wavac as I still get a lot of noise via the wavac connections (wall power, etc) and I don’t want to lose the very important low noise floor I get with this combination.

Yes the wavac preamp, when turned back on, can impress with the continuousness of the sound. When listening to a single instrument or a voice, the wavac can sound more impressive or should I say beautiful. But the sum total is in Vitus’ favor without much doubt. I would like to hear what the Ypsilon can do…

I am starting to be equally impressed with the phono but I am not there yet. I need to balance connections, play with loading etc before I can confirm it is as necessary as the preamp. I actually think one can probably use a cheaper phono, from Vitus or others, and run it via the Master preamp and get very close. I will report on that when I have a more clear view.


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