Apogee Acoustics Definitive Ribbon Speaker

Apogee Acoustics Definitive Ribbon Speaker

یکشنبه 4 دسامبر 2011
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تازه یک مدل ریبون دیدم که حساسیتش بجای 83 دی بی نزدیک به یک بلندگوی هورن بود (شاید نزدیک به 98 دی بی). این بلندگو فقط به سفارش ساخته میشه توسط آپوجی اونم با قیمت خیلی بالا.

اگر این بلندگو رو تو ایران میشنیدیم جالب میشد اما تو ایران نمایندگی نداره.

این بلندگو با یک آمپ 20 واتی هم خیلی خوب درایور میشه و من فکرشو هم نمیکردم از ریبون چنین حساسیت ای رو بشه درآورد. جالبه!

مهندس مخلصیم کجایید براتون ریبون پیدا کردم که با اونگاکوتون بشنوید. جای شما اینجا بسیار خالیه …

NEWS & FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS. While the FK1 series of speakers represents a high quality of monopole ribbon speaker, there are still people who like the sound presentation of a dipole ribbon speaker. We have the Apogee DEFINITIVE full planar reference system available for those who want to take their music reproduction to the ultimate level. DEFINITIVE is a 3-way ribbon/planar system that is constructed from the finest materials to the highest specifications. Efficiency levels that rival some horn designs, detail resolution of the highest order. Engineering tolerances tighter and more accurate than any other planar ribbon currently available, past or present. XLM bass ribbons, metal alloy ribbons designed to meet electrical and mechanical requirments for lifelike reproduction. And able to be driven as a real 4 ohm load by as little as 20w tube amps. DEFINITIVE is a limited production speaker, made only to order for discerning clients. Lead time is 4-5 months 2008/2009. Pricing from $105,000USD. Contact us for more details.

Definitive includes a DEQX PDC2.6 Preamp/active crossover and room correction unit, and also have their own speaker cables attached. To use you will require 6 channels of extremely high quality signal leads, the finest source, and 6 channels of high quality tube, solid state or the best of digital amplifiers. At this time no passive crossover is planned. Definitive is made from a solid steel cnc laser machined frame, faced in Corian. Colours and finish options are listed on the Corian website, pricing depends on finish options, in line with other flagship speakers from respectable brands. At present DEFINITIVE is only available to audition by appointment, in Australia.

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