USB Cable Shootout Purist Anniversary , Curious , Audioquest Diamond

USB Cable Shootout Purist Anniversary , Curious , Audioquest Diamond

چهارشنبه 19 اکتبر 2016
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عجب تستی شده ، الان Curious و AudioQuest در حال آب بندی شدن هستند اما حدس میزنم Curious همه رو میزنه. قیمت Purist حدود 1500 دلار و AudioQuest حدود 700 دلار و Curious حدود 500 دلار هست. مهم تر از همه تازه فهمیدم مشکل دینامیک صدای سیستمم بخاطر اکولایزر itunes بوده و رفتم اکولایزر itunes رو غیر فعال کردم و مشکل حل شد. در ضمن بروید اینجا اون اسکریپ رو هم دانلود کنید واسه مک بوک خوبه :

OSX Audio Optimization



my setup is not good because i listen to my crappy Sennheiser HD800. i will report this comparison by a better system in the future.

I should say my sound changed after turning off the itunes EQ and running CAD (computer audio design) mac osx optimization script. i guess before turning off the EQ the data was not bit-perfect.
i do not judge the sound with quick A/B testing by just focusing on the sound and i try to listen to a track from start to end and i just look at my musical satisfaction factor.i hate the artificial and hyper detailed sound. i like easy flow , natural and human like sound.
i just play 44.1khz/16-bit from my ripped CD by dbpoweramp. every cable need 1 hour warmup before critical listening. i do not start listening before warming up each cable. i test the system in a good time for better AC power.
i do not use iUSB 3.0 because it kill the sound.
after 175 hours break-in:
i guess Curious needs more time to be fully break-in.

Audio Quest Diamond USB Cable is not bad but it is not stellar. it is not sweet , it is not so transparent and no thing is special in it’s sound. listener could not love it.
if the top score is 100 then Audio Quest score is 50.
Audioquest is an average hifi product.

Purist Audio 30 Anniversary USB Cable speaks you more on midrange and is a-little less transparent in extremes (low bass and high) in comparison by Acoustic Revive but Purist give a nice pleasure to listener and it’s midrange is very human like and a tad warm .
purist is not as open and dynamic as curious but the listener could be happy with Purist. purist do not make listener so happy but do not bother listener. it is above average. I love Purist analog cables but purist digital cables are not very dynamic. be careful purist needs more time to fully warm-up before critical listening. if you focus on the sound you believe purist is not pure and real and it fools you by it’s warm presentation.
Purist score is 85.

Curious 1.5m USB Cable is more transparent , a-little more extended plus more intimacy in comparison by Purist but purist sounds fuller in midrange .
curious sounds more real with more depth and a-little brighter . Curious is a-little leaner in comparison by Purist.
Qurious is good with no edge in sound and breath very easy but purist fool the listener to enjoy the music.
sometimes i think curious could not keep high and mid fully connected. purist is like adding a good transformer to output stage. it make the sound fuller but go away from neutrality.
Curious Score is 75.

I like neutral sound more than warm sound because i prefer dynamic sound not warm sound . i think curious could make a better cable than purist but this version of Curious could not outperform Purist cable. curious need to be richer and coherent to reach 100 point and purist needs more real presentation to reach 100 point.

both cables are not perfect.
I will report curious/purist after 300 hours break-in in a better reference system in near future.

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